Smokin' Hot BBQ Food Truck & Catering

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Amazing BBQ Food Truck and Catering Company Arrives in Phoenix!

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Food Truck and Catering is a Unique Experience of Midwest Melody Barbeque Flavor.

A blend of St. Louis, KC, Memphis, and a hint of Texas style flavors will excite your taste buds with the most delicious “comfort- food” west of the Mississippi!!!

Take a journey with Miss “Q” Smokin Hot BBQ AZ - Q and discover “BBQ comfort food on a Roll” with Smokin’ Hot BBQ!!!!

Enjoy Our Special Blend of Smoked Meats by the Pound!

Miss “Q” Smoked Brisket

Hand rubbed with a blend of southern spices, slowly smoked using a distinctive blend of flavored woods. Sliced and marinated in it’s own au jus, tender moist and delicious.

Miss “Q” Smoked Pulled Chicken

Selected premium pieces rubbed with olive oil and blended spices. Slowly smoked and chopped providing a savory taste that satisfies your taste buds. This isn’t your mothers chicken.

Miss “Q” Smoked Pulled Pork

Rubbed with an apple base season, injected with an apple base marinade, smoked with an apple base wood. Pulled, sprinkled, and mouthwatering to the palate.

Miss “Q” Smoked St. Louis Style Pork Ribs

Covered with a layer of unique spices, Smoked to ‘red ring’ tender. No sauce necessary to enjoy these lip smacking bones.

Miss “Q” Smoked Fish (Cod or Tilapia)

Our fish is flavored with a Caribbean style rub with just a hint of smoke to remind you that it’s still a BBQ joint. The fillets are flaky, tender, and oozing with abundant flavor.

Miss “Q” Smoked St. Louis Style Pork Rib Tips

Succulent bit sized, tender tasting mid-west rib ends.


Smokin Hot BBQ Truck and Catering
Smokin Hot BBQ Truck and Catering